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LX-series  centrifugal spray  dryer ( drying )  Operation Instruction

LX centrifugal Spray granulation dryer

Ⅰ. Overview
On the basis of introducing foreign advanced drying technology, our company work hand in hand with many scientific research institutions and it develops independently, learns wildly from other's strong points, work hard through innovations in a pioneering spirit and develops & produces various types of domestic advanced spray granulation dryer equipments.
LX series centrifugal spray granulation dryers manufactured by our company are applicable to centrifugal granulation of special materials including those of porcelain industry, chemical engineering, dyeing agent, biology, medicine, ferrite and metallurgical powder etc. It is required that the granularity distribution can be randomly adjusted to the best distribution curve value and the main technical performance indexes achieve world advanced levels. The characteristic is that it can produce globular products with better fluidity, it has excellent granule quality distribution and it can randaomly adjust average product granule diameter.

Ⅱ. Working principle
1. The working principle is as follows: air is heated and then passes through the high temperature filter so as to assure that the air entering the tower body is clean hot air. Then the air passes through the hot air distributor on top of the drying chamber, the hot air which has passed the hot air distributor enters the drying chamber evenly and rotates in spiral form. In the meantime, the air sends the feed liquid to the centrifugal spray head. The feed liquid is sprayed to globular fog drop and this makes the contact area between feed liquid and hot air remarkably increase. The water rapidly evaporates and it is dried into finished product in extremely short period. The coarse finished product is recycled with the recycle bin at bottom of the drying chamber. The fine finished product passes to cyclone separator through the pipe installed at cone bottom and then it is recycled with recycle bin at bottom of the cyclone separator. The waste gas is discharged through the dust precipitator.
2. The flow chart of centrifugal spray granulation is as follows:

Ⅲ. Advantages of centrifugal granulation
Because LX centrifugal spray granulator has different spray form with YT seies pressure spray granulator, the drying result is also different. Because the material dried with YT series machine has a shrinkage hole in the middle, it assumes the shape of hollow apple, the yield is higher than that of LX granulator during pressing and sintering process. However, material dried with LX series machine assumes spherical shape, the uniformities of its fluidity, loose specific weight and granuality are all much better than those of YT series dryer, this is extremely remarkable in special porcelain industries such as precision porcelain etc. Furthermore, because the complete appliance height of LX series machine is much lower than that of YT series machine, relative equipment manufacturing cost is lower, energy consumption is low, it is convenient to operate, in addition, it is convenient to transport and install.



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